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Fall Pond Closing Guide

With the weather beginning to chill and the leaves starting to fall it is time to begin prepping your pond for the winter. By following the steps provided in our guide  your pond will be best prepared for the cold winter months ahead!


Why Use Salt in the Winter

Adding salt in the pond especially in the fall will help fish survive the long cold winter months. We recommend adding 1-3 pounds of salt for every 100 gallons of water in the pond. We often add salt in the fall, after taking out floating plants such as water hyacinths and lettuce.

Spring Pond Opening Guide

The air is fresh and clean, birds fill the air with song, spring flowers start to make their appearance, and with water temperatures consistently above 40°F for a week or more we can start our ponds up for another enjoyable season.

Use this guide to get your pond up and running to have a successful year. The goal is to spend a lot more time enjoying your pond than working on it.


Pond Maintenance Guide

Keep your ponds and water features sparkling clean this season with professional tips from Blue Thumb. This guide will help you prevent muck, stringy growth, debris, and cloudy water, all while adding beneficial bacteria to keep your pond naturally healthy.

Use the Pond Calculator (included) to determine the proper amount of Blue Thumb Pond Maintenance Products for your pond..



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