Waterfall Installation

Dear John, Thank you for all you did to make our waterfall a reality. We get many compliments about how it has positively changed the courtyard. You certainly went above and beyond what was necessary, working with the students to get it installed. Your expertise was greatly appreciated. Thanks for all you did.

Elaine and St. Robert’s Staff / Flushing, MI /

Waterfall Customer

Nellie and I want to thank you and your crew for a job well done, We love the waterfall you installed for us and have had many compliments on it and its only been a week since completion. In an age when many business people over promise and under deliver, it is refreshing to have a job done by a company that under promises but over delivers and that’s how we feel about the job you did for us. The men working on our job were extra polite and very courteous, asking our opinion on this or that and explaining everything they were doing in detail * * * * * FIVE STARS FOR THE POND STORE!!!

Dale / /

Mini Falls Kit Installation

I recently purchased one of the Mini Falls Kits and want to convey my deep appreciation to your company for the installation. It has not only added beauty to my yard but peacefulness and serenity for my pleasure. The installers were very polite, conscientious, and professional and answered every question I asked. This is a great product and easily maintained, even for someone like me!

Bob / Flint, MI /

I Love It!!

The waterfall is working and I love it!!

Marvyn / /

Pond-less Waterfall Customer

I was very happy to see The Pond Store workers show up. It was on Tuesday morning about 9:00 am. These three guys worked all day, about 11 hours and when they were done, I was happier than I thought I would be. They changed my side yard into a 30 x 10 foot waterfall that looked liked paradise. The sound that come from it has put me to sleep just under my window for three weeks now. It is so peaceful.

Ernie / /

Vanishing Waterfall Customer

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my waterfall. It is just beautiful. Nick and his team did an amazing job, And thanks John for all your help. I just love it! Everyone at The Pond Store has been great to work with.

Margaret / /

Expansion of an Existing Pond Customer

This is not a testimonial. It is a letter of thanks. I absolutely love my new and improved pond. My Koi seem to be enjoying the larger surface area as well as the additional depth. Your crew did a fantastic job, but a few things stand out. My enjoyment and ease of use of the pond were always a priority in their minds. Nick thought of a better way to set the skimmer so that the maintenance would be easier for me. It required him to remove and reset the paver blocks he had placed the day before. Tim, Nick, Jerry, and Zach were very respectful of my yard. There was zero collateral damage. Nick and Jerry dissected out the waterfall box from underneath my beautiful junipers. They carefully removed the dirt without any damage to the root system, all while being attacked by yellow jackets! They had a huge nest in the roots of the junipers. Zach’s eye for design is very appreciated. Tim had suggested a cave for the koi to hide in. Zach constructed the cave so that I can still see the Koi when they are in there. Tim’s professionalism is unheard of. He wanted to stay busy the day his father passed away. He also felt it was important to have all the plumbing complete by the end of the day. I will never forget holding the low voltage lights so Tim could hook up the bottom drain at 9 o’clock at night! I guess he stayed busy and the plumbing was completed. Jerry…. professional, funny, and very caring. He had his hands in every part of the renovation. When we turned the pump on Friday night, my stream had become the Nile River! Jerry called in to let you know that he and Nick were willing to come back out in the morning to reinforce my entire 120 foot raging river. Thanks Jerry for the follow up phone call on Sunday. John, Diane, and Laurie, thank you for all of your help. You have been a wealth of information and support. I would have given up on having Koi if it weren’t for you guys. Thanks again, Tim, Jerry, Nick, and Zach. Thanks for your hard work and caring. Thanks for rescuing my frogs, catching my smallest Koi, and for making this project a lot of fun for me. I will always have fond memories of that week. You all made it very enjoyable. Sincerely yours,

Cinta / /

Made Our Pond A Reality

Your wife said you were the best, we agree and we feel that you were intended to help make our pond a reality. God bless and may you continue to fulfill other peoples' dreams.

Benny and Joyce / /

Landscaping Customer

John, Thank you for what you did for us! I felt very special looking out the window and seeing what a wonderful job was done in our yard-you have a great crew. May God richly bless you and prosper your business. Thanks again.

Marge / /

Landscaping Customer: Garden Wall

Thanks a lot! Good Job!

Ken / /
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