Proudly serving Flint & Genesee communities for over 13 years!

Our Story

We would like to introduce ourselves as the owners of The Pond Store and More. We are John and Diane Warner and we started The Pond Store and More in the summer of 2006. Our store developed out of our parent business, Integrity Outdoor Services, which has been professionally installing ponds and water features since 2003.


Our store is unique to it’s nature as we are the only store in our area that offers all your pond supply needs. We offer a full range of pond services and supplies. Everything from pumps, liner, water maintenance products, plants, fish food, and a variety of fish which include Koi, Shubunkin, and Fantails just to name a few.


Our customer’s love to come enjoy our 2 on site ponds with waterfalls, 3 cascading (disapperaing waterfalls), a Koi stocked Earth pond, and other unique water features such as Bassalts (Rock Columns), bubbling rock, bubbling vases, as well as our stocked green house.


Our entire staff takes pride in making sure our customers are taken care of because here at The Pond Store and More we realize a good reputation is hard to attain and our goal is to have a great one!

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4293 Crosby Rd
Flint, MI


9355 Dixie Highway

Clarkston, MI